Life begins before birth, but then through birth our senses become clearer. When we are born, lights brighten our newly formed eyes. Sounds suddenly have more clarity. Our skin breathes crisp air that tickles our senses unlike the warmth of the womb. We begin to realize a sense of smell and that sense triggers memories more than any other the rest of our lives. Pain also becomes a part of our lives.

Just as our senses change in birth, our spiritual rebirth awakens new experiences. Sadly, many of us are so focused on our physical senses that we miss the shock of becoming spiritually alive. We are unaware of the changes that have happened as a result of our new life.

When our eyes are opened to see new ways of living, we rely on old ways of seeing. Our feelings are confused by our inability to understand them. We pass by these new senses even while knowing that something is different.

If you feel like you’ve missed out, you’re not alone. The church is filled with Christians who are no different than unbelievers. There’s seldom any expectation of a change. Worse, what is expected seems impossible. How can anyone live up to all the “do’s and do not’s?”

This new life in the Spirit can’t be taught through words alone, though. Like birth, it has to be experienced. Often the best way is to awaken these new senses is walking beside someone who can point to them and ask, “Don’t you see this?” When this happens, we’re like a small child on a walk through the woods. We begin to notice new wonders in our lives. Questions spring to our lips as we become aware of new experiences.

Think of this weekend as a beginning. It’s not the beginning, but it can be a start of something new for your life. Something is sleeping inside you that needs awakening. Only you will be able to sense it.

November 15-17
Camp Oasis
Firth, NE

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