We believe that prayer is the work. It’s not what we do before we work. It’s not what we do after we work so God will bless our work. Since we are unable to do anything worthy of eternity, we must ask God to do it. We are helpless. So we ask God to do what only He can.

We believe in prayer so much that it is built into the second of our seven core values, Dependency. Everything we do is discerned in, prompted by, empowered with and given wings from our knees. Three of our four Life-giving Practices are prayer-based. We believe if it weren’t for prayer, we would not grow, bear fruit or understand the truth. We wouldn’t exist.

There is one prayer that we are waiting on God to answer over and above all others:  That He would one day choose out of His gracious heart, to reach His finger and touch our Exit 426 of I-80 with a wave of revival in the church. We pray for an awakening in the lost resulting in new life in Christ to so many people in our 30-mile radius that we can only fall on our faces and whisper, “Look what God did!”

Kingdom Prayer Day

Wednesday is Kingdom Prayer Day, not because its more special than any other day, but because it is good to focus on what matters most. It’s a day we discipline ourselves to maintain a special focus on the people in our community with one simple request in mind, that the Holy Spirit would draw them to Jesus and make them kingdom laborers.

We ask for the Spirit to penetrate the homes, schools, churches, businesses, city offices, farms and hearts of every individual, whether we know them or not.

All Church Prayer

Join us for a time of worship and prayer as we come before the Lord and seek his will for our church body and the Ashland community. We meet at 3:00 the first Sunday each month at 204 N. 16th Street.

Prayer Tower

We’ve adopted the observation tower at Mahoney State Park in Ashland. Climbing to the top at designated times gives us a vision of our area, prompting prayer for our 30 mile radius. Again, we pray for every town in that radius, that God would do the work we can’t to bring awakening to our mission field. Being just a little closer to His perspective, it’s a great place to spend time with Jesus, alone or with others.

Life-giving Prayer

The first of our four Life-giving Practices is all about communicating with God on His terms and for His supremacy. As did the supernatural worshipers in Revelation 4, so we too give glory, honor and thanks to Him who sits on the throne. We only ask for that which contributes to His divine will. Our total surrender and desperate dependence is reflected in our becoming walking worshipers.

Healing Prayer

James 5:16 invites us into a ministry to one another that invokes the healing power of Jesus at the level of our broken hearts. We’ve chosen to live transparently and humbly, telling others of our brokenness, and asking them to pray for our healing. Effective prayer accomplishes much!

Pray & Watch

praywatchWhat matters most is people finding Jesus, so we pray as if we actually believe that God is doing an invisible and eternal work in the hearts of the people we name before Him. We pray, as a way of life, that the Holy Spirit would draw people to Hi mself an d make them kingdom laborers. We’ve seen literally hundreds come as a result of our lifestyle of prayer.

Read about the book Neal and Judy have written entitled “pray & watch” or order it online.