re:Love Conference 2014

February 14-15, 2014 // Lincoln, Nebraska

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New is exciting. New is bright and shiny. New is full of promise and possibility.

We spend lots of time on new. We research, we shop, we spend hours, days or months choosing just the right thing. We bring our new object home and it’s beautiful and works great. Nothing could be better!

But inevitably things start to get old. Wear and tear and time take their toll. Our shiny new thing loses its luster and doesn’t quite work as well as it used to. We start to wonder what we ever saw in this thing in the first place. Eventually we decide it’s not worth it anymore, so we throw it away and replace it with something new.

Unfortunately, this has become the norm not just for things but for marriage.

We start out with the best of intentions. We put a lot of thought into choosing our mate and all seems perfect! But through the years things get tougher. The marriage doesn’t seem to work as well as it once did. Frustrations creep in, and we begin to wonder what we saw in that person in the first place. We no longer see the promise and the possibilities. We begin to feel hopeless. We wonder if it might be best for everyone to just end it and start over with something new.

There is another option.

When an object becomes old, weathered, or broken, we can throw it away and start with something new, or we can choose to give it new life. We can:




At Re:Love conference we take this same approach to marriage. We believe that God can breathe new life, and second, third, or even tenth chances into your relationship. Instead of seeing your marriage as a worn, tired or damaged “thing” to be thrown out and replaced, our desire is for you to see how God can Re:Deem the broken places in our lives and our relationships. Re:Discover the promise, possibility and hope you felt when your relationship was new. With a little effort and creativity, and a nudge from the Re:Love conference,the powerful grace of Jesus can breathe new life into your marriage.

Re:Love Conference: Because every marriage needs a second chance.

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