Family Values: What are we about?

GOD’S TRUTH OVER OUR OPINION: We view everything through the lens of God’s Truth.

Jesus is the centerpiece of both biblical and world history. As we lead, teach, and live, we will point to Jesus in all that we do. As a result, we will be surrendered to and dependent on the Spirit to lead as He works His Truth in us and through us. (surrender and dependency)

GOD’S GRACE OVER OUR STRIVING: We choose to live in God’s grace and offer His grace to others.

Because Jesus has given us an immeasurable amount of grace, we choose to be people who daily live in His grace for ourselves and live out of His grace with others. God has done an incredible work of placing His Spirit inside of us and completely changing our identity. As a result, we live in His grace rather than striving to earn it. (graciousness)

GOD’S FAMILY OVER OUR ISOLATION: We lock arms together as a diverse family in authentic life-giving community.

Because the New Testament refers to the New Covenant community as a family, we choose to lock arms together as a diverse family in authentic, life-giving community. We believe that real is better than perfect and real is on full display in the family. In the family, everyone has a part to play and has been gifted by God to fulfill their role. We will seek in every way to be a safe place that prioritizes gathering together, and utilizes our gifts to grow together. (authenticity) 

GOD’S MISSION OVER OUR COMFORT: We live with open eyes for our community and our world.

The mission of Riverview is to bring glory to God by helping people find Jesus and experience true life in Him. We believe that Jesus has given us a mission to go into all the world and proclaim the good news of His Kingdom. We will seek in every way to do this personally and corporately in our local environments as well as our global community. We will have a heartbeat for our world. (multiplication)