In addition to the website, we will be communicating through the RCC email (if you aren’t receiving the email, please email “”). You can also find updates on the RCC INSTAGRAM, RCC FACEBOOK PAGE, and the RCC APP (you can download the app for free on the apple store and google play).

UPDATE: June 3rd

We had our first outdoor service last Sunday and it SO GOOD to be together with many of you. The plan is to continue outside until the weather permits us from doing so. As we did last week, the services will also be streamed on YouTube for all those who desire to worship with us online. This week’s service will be at 10am! Going forward, if outside, the service will be at 10am. If we must move indoors, we will have two services at our usual times of 9am and 10:45am.


RCC’s Reopening Timeline: “Soft” opening outside May 31st. If weather is nice on subsequent Sundays, we will continue outside. If the weather does not cooperate, our first indoor service will be June 7th.


Hey RCC, thanks for praying for us and our community as we seek guidance from the Lord in how to worship together in this interesting time. In accordance with the local and national health guidance, RCC will not be holding physical worship services for the next two Sundays (March 22nd & 29th). Instead, we will be offering online worship experiences with multiple opportunities to engage with those around you!

Please look for ways in the upcoming days to be aware and available to the Spirit’s leading. He will certainly be opening up opportunities to serve our community through you. Ask yourself, “How can I be a neighbor to those around me right now?”

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.” Isaiah 26:3-4


However, the situation is fluid and you will be notified via email, social media, and the RCC app ASAP if anything changes.


RCC Family- I’m sure you are all very well aware of the Coronavirus that has been prevalent amongst the news the last few weeks. In addition, you are probably aware that there have now been confirmed cases here in Nebraska. While questions and fear may be looming in your mind, I want to take a quick minute to reassure you that fear is an enemy of trust and fear is always a constant foe of peace. That being said, I do know that health and safety are important. I want to assure our family here at Riverview that all of our leadership is taking the Coronavirus threat to our community seriously while at the same time leaning into the sovereignty of God to help mitigate a fear that might otherwise cause unnecessary panic. While we are making every precaution we can, we are remembering Paul’s words to the Philippians, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6-7)

So the purpose of this email is to share with you what Riverview is doing to alleviate potential fear while upholding the health and safety of our faith community. We want to inform you of a few things we are doing to help prevent and keep from spreading unnecessary germs or illness. Keep in mind that over the next few weeks, we will also be keeping abreast of what the State of Nebraska deems appropriate as well as the town of Ashland in order to help prevent any unnecessary spread of potential illness.

Practice 1 – Additional Building Sanitation

When you come to Riverview, you have likely realized the cleanliness of the building and maintenance of the property. The building is wonderfully maintained by deacons who fix broken things and a fantastic cleaning team who take pride in their work. Our cleaning team is here multiple times a week cleaning and sanitizing our worship gathering space. Please thank them when you see them. In addition to their normal cleaning, they and other volunteers will be doing additional sanitizing before services, in between services, and after services.

Practice 2 – Sanitizing Kid’s Life Area

Every Friday, servant minded volunteers come to Riverview to clean and sanitize every toy and item within the nursery and pre-school rooms. We care about the health and safety of our kids every day of the week. We will continue to maintain the sanitation of these rooms before services and help disinfect and sanitize between services as well. Rest assured, the rooms are ready for your kids.

Practice 3 – Wash and Disinfect Your Hands

You will notice bottles of hand sanitizer throughout the building while you are here. Please use it regularly. The staff and worship teams will be washing hands regularly as always. Join us in that effort as well. If you use the facilities, cough on your hands, or just touch stuff, go ahead and wash up and let’s sanitize together.

Practice 4 – Greet Each Other Well, but Maybe Without the Touch

Riverview is known for a family and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is welcome and everyone belongs. It’s just who we are and how we love. While the perceived threat of the Coronavirus looms, we want to still be warm and friendly but maybe an elbow bump, chest bump, or a good old-fashioned smile will do for a few weeks. Save the firm handshake for a bit.

Practice 5 – Basket Passing

We love to generously give to the Lord and worship Him through a time of sacrificial giving of tithes/offering. Usually that is done by passing offering baskets during our worship time together. For the next few weeks, instead of passing offering baskets, we will place the baskets at the back of the room. If the Lord is leading you to generously give, please feel free to place an offering in the baskets at any point during the service.

Practice 6 – Coffee Time

We love coffee around here. We’ll continue to offer coffee at the coffee bar area. We know that a lot of hands pass through there. So, we’ve got you covered. The coffee team will be sure to sanitize the coffee bar area and coffee pumps regularly before, during, and between services. Who wants to get sick from coffee? We don’t! So, we’ll keep it clean for you.

Practice 7 – Communion

Right now, our plan is to still serve communion. However, it will be handled a bit differently during service than we have in the past. There is a chance that we may hold off until the perceived threat has been minimized. We are still discussing how to handle this best.

Practice 8 – If you are sick and not feeling well, please stay home

No one likes to miss time together with their faith community. We know that. However, if you are sick, please feel the freedom to stay home. Over the years, Riverview has worked at providing quality video and audio for producing videos of our gathered time together. If you are unable to make it right now because of illness or at any time in the future, you will certainly be missed. However, you will not totally miss out. While nothing beats being together, we do have portions of our worship gathering on our website at Feel free to sit it out, rest, drink liquids, and eat some soup while watching a service in bed. But when you get better, come back and gather with the body. We will certainly have missed you.

Riverview, I love growing and serving alongside of you. Let’s press into Jesus, His love for us, His sovereignty over all things, and the fact that fear doesn’t get to be our King. We already have a King. His name is Jesus. Let’s press in and rest in Him as we wait.

Lead Pastor