Welcome to LifeSigns

How are you? Really.

It’s the little question with big implications. We all get busy, distracted, or wounded—so we become isolated from God and from people who love us. We’ve designed LifeSigns to gently guide you through a “vertical conversation” with your Heavenly Father.

Taking your LifeSigns will enable you to:

  • Have a personal encounter with Jesus
  • Evaluate your spiritual life
  • Identify next steps on your journey

Because a vibrant relationship with Jesus transforms every aspect of your life, you’ll see that LifeSigns includes sections on relationships, career, finances, marriage, single life, parenting, and your walk with Jesus. When you’ve finished, the LifeSigns system, will match scriptures and resources to your greatest spiritual needs in a personalized 24-page growth plan.

Then, ideally, you’ll be prepared to have a “horizontal conversation” with someone you trust . . . about how you’re doing. Really.

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