sermon series

Family Matters

Nobody plans on entering into a marriage that will fail. Nobody plans on getting into financial trouble. Nobody plans on struggling with an addiction. Nobody plans on being a judgmental or angry person. With all these issues, we can tell ourselves that we’ll try harder and won’t do it again.  However this is only a temporary solution at best. So, what steps can we take to ensure these things don’t happen?

Values are those things that we deem important and that provide direction and guidance in spite of our emotions. They are the personal, uncompromisable, undebatable standards that direct and drive our choices. They are protective by placing boundaries around our hearts. Values-driven living is how we keep our eyes on eternal things.

In our Family Matters series, we’re talking about Riverview’s seven core values, but covering them in a slightly different way. Although the emphasis will be on our church family, we’ll be looking at how our core values play out in our family relationships to direct and guide our lives. Join us!

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