We’re imagining more and more people immersed in their community as walking-worshipers. People are coming alive in intimacy with Jesus as they learn to engage with Him in the everyday moments of their lives. They are coming alive with a passion for His Kingdom that unleashes them to be Life-givers in their natural sphere of influence. As a result more and more people are coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ and enjoying the transformational work of His Spirit. More and more Life Groups are being formed, leading to the planting of Life-giving Churches, influencing generation after generation.

The Riverview Journey: a brief history

In 2005, 10 families took action to become an Evangelical Free Church Plant project, invited Neal Brower to lead them, and began public worship on Mother’s Day of 2006. 10 families turned into 5 on the way to 300 who now call RCC home. Our outreach extends well beyond those who gather to worship at Riverview Community Center each Sunday. Through our youth and student ministry we’ve seen scores more find faith and life. From the beginning, Life Groups have been the featured growth venue and our people have embraced “what matters most is people finding Jesus” as a mantra, resulting in literally hundreds finding saving faith in the past 10 years.

Jake Brower served as Worship and Student Ministries Pastor until he answered God’s call in 2008 to start Finding Life Church, another “life-giving church” in the Millard area of Omaha. Tony Boscarino began his ministry in Worship and Student Ministries in 2009.

In May of 2011, our founding pastor announced his call from God to move towards a wider influence at the district level in planting new churches. Kyle Ballard, Pastoral Ministries Intern, accepted the Senior Pastor position and moved to that role in December of 2011.

After years of meeting in, both the elementary school and high school, the Strategic Air and Space Museum, another local church building, as well as Camp Carol Joy Holling, Riverview completed a 3-year building campaign. Through the “finding what’s worth building for…” campaign, $300,000 and 7 acres of land were donated allowing construction on the $1.5 million community center to begin. In April of 2013, Riverview celebrated the establishment of a permanent meeting place by holding their first worship service in Riverview Community Center. Located on the edge of town in the Sabre Heights subdivision, the facility was named “Riverview Community Center” vs “Riverview Community Church” as a reminder to us all that the building is not a church; the people, in fact, are. You’ll still hear us refer to “the building” and “attending worship” vs. “going to church.” Our convictions are strong and our heart’s desire is to “be the church” to our community.

Over the years, God has added to our staff team more leaders, most of whom were already functioning in the roles they were hired for long before their positions became official. Such is the case with part-time staff members, Maris Buller, Kids Life Director; Jill Ballard, Community Ministries Director; and Michelle Powell, Director of Women’s Ministries. In May of 2015, Riverview hired James Bergsten as the full time Youth Pastor. James came to Riverview from our daughter church, “Finding Life Church,” in Omaha.

God has great things in store for our future and we wait on Him to broaden our impact for the gospel in Eastern Nebraska and beyond!