IMG_3069Some people say, “Live up to my standards, or go!” God says, “You can’t possibly live up to my standards, so come!” So first off, come as you are. We believe real is better than perfect and that growth happens best when we’re gracious, authentic and transparent.

Please feel at home and let’s see if there is a level of intimacy with God and purpose for living that we can pursue together.

Next, know that we will give you the truth from the Bible. We have no other reliable source and friends speak the truth in love to each other. There’s no judgmentalism. We’re just facing the truth together.

Finally, you won’t find religion here.  What you will find is people seeking relationship with the living God through the living Jesus Christ. We’re seeking change from the inside out.

When you show up, you’ll find people of many walks of life. It’s relaxed. It’s casual. It’s come as you are. But we’re serious about our focus on the one, true and living God. The only reason our praise reaches Him is because it flies on the wings of the authoritative name of Jesus Christ! We exalt the King, celebrate grace, admit our brokenness and we do it loud! You will leave with a sense that God is real and that His truth is yours for a week of transforming living.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 2.48.17 PMWe are typically led in worship by Pastors Anthony (left) and Tony (right), and the worship team. Our intention is to enjoy a genuine encounter with the living God for His glory. Our nurture is secondary. It’s all about HIM! And music is only one of many tools we use to unite our hearts in surrendered celebration of our Savior!
Tony.JessTo be clear, we are not attempting to please everyone’s preferred styles or ceremonies. The gathered experience simply cannot be about hymns or choruses, old or new, tradition or innovation. We’ve been consumers for too long, and giving each of us what we want would be to miss the point of our gathering!

The point? God’s pleasure, not ours! A fragrant aroma in His nostrils, rather than the “right” sound in our ears! Worshipers who worship in spirit and truth. Not empty ritual, or meaningless repetition, but real hearts making real connections with our real God for real life! Surrendered, dependent, expectant, teachable, humble people before Him who makes heaven His throne and earth His footstool! Come with your contrite heart and let’s find Him together!